About Us

The School of Astro-Science was established by world renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist.

The aim was to empower students and spread the ancient, thousands of years old Indian Astrology Studies; Bring solutions, remedies, cures, Upays, happiness and prosperity in people’s lives; and to remove pain, suffering, sadness in every native’s life.

On Course Completion—

1. The certification is a bold step into the world of Astrology
2.There is a wide demand not only in the Indian population but worldwide as well, such as, the Western societies that is quite similar on the basics with the Indian Astrology in horoscope.
3. Astrology Consultancy is not only a stable source of income but a noble cause in helping people, especially those suffering, in pain, dilemma etc.
4.Besides job opportunities, the course enables self-employment.

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